Especially designed for families where one or more may have a learning problem.

The Key Concept.

From feedback from users of the Betakit and the Sound Study System we knew that learners had been greatly helped, not only to help them concentrate on their on their homework but also help with their sleep.
We then also learnt that those young people who had learning problems, e.g. ADHD, were also helped significantly. (Many ADHDers, especially those on medication have a problem with sleep.)
Those ADHDers who had used the 2 CD Betakit set found that they did not have enough choices for their liking. So we developed the seven CD set where there are an extended number of choices, not only to satisfy them but to give others in the family, e.g. dad and brothers and sisters.

Supporting other Interventions.

We realise that ADD/ADHD is a complex syndrome with many causes and interventions and that a sensible strategy is to use a combination of techniques which work at the time. We therefore recommend use of the Settle and Grow CDs as an “And-as-well” intervention and for each family the actual application will be slightly different.

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