Structure of a Recharge CD

Hidden Structure of a Relax/Recharge CD
Inbuilt Coherence
The effectiveness of the Relax/Recharge CDs produced by Creative Process and now marketed by Maati’s Market has been proved, over the last 13 years, by many thousand users. But it took three years research and testing to find the structure and format that would work consistently for most listeners. The following are some of the key elements that are incorporated.
The Beta Study System
The Relax/Recharge CD was part of a kit designed to assist a student improve their study techniques and the other key CD in the kit assisted concentration. The kit is usually used at home and most often by students doing distance learning and working during the day. Those that have tried to do this know full well that after you come home from work, had something to eat, the last thing you feel like doing is studying. And this is where the Relax/Recharge CD comes in. Listening to this for the 30 minutes enables the student to get up fresh and do two to three hours effective study. Without the Relax/Recharge CD it just would not happen.
Time Limit
The 30 minutes limit is a great advantage: you know you won’t carry on sleeping longer as the AHATA frequencies will wake you up. So it’s a predictable length: not too short and not too long for a Recharge break.
Other Uses
We had reports that these Relax/Recharge CDs were being used by other members in the household for pure relaxation and as such were helping reduce stress. This makes sense as the frequencies help the brain to an Alpha brain state for about seven minutes and in this state we are best able to get ideas to solve our immediate problems, i.e. the ones that are worrying us. Other states are also accessed such as the Theta Brain State. (Go Here.)
Additional Relax/Recharge CDs
Over the years, and for different kits, we developed a number of Relax/Recharge CDs each with a slightly different storylines and sound effects but each with a similar underlying set of AHATA Sound Harmonics. These Harmonics gently help the brain to a planned succession of ideal brain states for a short period of relaxation. Some of these individual CDs are now being marketed separately. (Go Here.)
Unique set of Tracks
Each Relax/Recharge CD has set of three tracks which are unique to this series.
Track 1 includes a commentary to give you an idea of what you could be thinking about in line with the sound effects. (Note that the majority of words used are what we call Lullaby Language, words with smooth even sounds, for example, “The train slowly moved out of the station”.
Track 2 is the same as track 1 but without the commentary. This is because no matter how soothing the voice is you eventually wish it would shut up and allow you to think of your own story.
Track 3 is the same as Track 2 but instead of waking you up at the end it leaves you gently asleep. Use it as a sleep starter if you think you are going to battle to fall asleep. Some people use it every night instead of a sleeping pill.
The Story-line
The idea of the story-line is to keep your conscious mind busy with something while the AHATA frequencies do their work. The sound effects are deliberately boring; they seem to go on and on and on. But this is the technique for helping the brain to switch off from its current problems and just drift. Once you become familiar with the sound effects you can make up your own story or just flow along. Alternatively you can pursue a structured meditation or prayer.
Therapist Use
Some specific images included in some of the CDs lend themselves to probing later by the therapist. For example:
Throwing away the bundle of sticks/problems on the beach. “What problems did your sticks represent? Which ones did you throw away, which ones did you stick in the sand?”
Looking out of the window of the train or the car, “What images did you see? What were the people doing?” (You could almost say it can be used as an auditory TAT.)
Soothing Sound of Water
Many of the sound effects used are the sound of water in its various forms: surf, bubbling brook, waterfall, rain etc. After air our most important human need is water. Thus the sound of water in your ears, as you close your eyes, means that you can relax completely and know that, for that need at least, you will be safe.
Moving through the Brain States
If you have listened to a Relax/Recharge CD you may have noticed that the story and sound effects are in sections. This enables the AHATA frequencies gently, over a period, to take you from a wide-awake Beta brain state, through Alpha, through Theta, and for a short while into Delta. (The sound effects in Delta are always like a misty cloud.) Note that this whole process takes about seven/eight minutes in each state; you can’t rush it. Think of how you fall asleep. Unless you are exhausted and you just crash immediately it takes a while for your brain, and body, to go through the sequence of brain states before you eventually fall asleep. The same applies to a well-crafter Relax CD.
Moving back the Beta
Then, after about six minutes in the Delta state, (and this next sequence is important), the frequencies take you back, fairly quickly, in the opposite direction back to Beta again and you wake up feeling refreshed. If you are woken up while still in the Theta or Delta state you may feel groggy and spaced out. Compare this, again, to your normal sleep state where you can wake up much quicker than you go to sleep. And if you are suddenly woken you may feel groggy but if you waken naturally you feel fine.
Starting Sound Effects
Usually these sounds are about us in an every-day human situation. In “TRAIN’ for example, you are at a railway station saying farewell to your friends who are fussing around and shouting ‘Goodbye, Totsiens’. It is deliberately “messy” and scratchy. As the train moves off, with the steam engine chuffing along, you just feel the tension fall away and you can relax and be alone with your thoughts and feelings. When you get back, you get similar sounds with your friends welcoming you back from your journey, and you are ready to go back to your day-to-day world.
(We have noted that people who are really stressed do not remember getting off the train. As they become less stressed they remember more of the journey.)
Observed Incident 1
We were at a lunch date with a few families around the table. A daughter, eleven-year old, was not well at all, eyes streaming nose running and whittling to her mother. We suggested taking her off to a bedroom and giving her the TRAIN CD to listen to. We all forgot about her knowing that she was safe and comfortable.
Then a half hour later, in she walks, all bright eyed and cheerful asking for something to drink. Nobody said a word but they all knew that what had happened was most unusual.
Observed Incident 2
A successful and talented acupuncturist and naturopath, Sheik Ebrahim Pasha, practicing many years ago in Cape Town, required his patients to listen to a 30 minute Betakit Recharge before their individual consultation with him. He had discovered that this period of relaxation reduced their stress and so were able to better absorb his consultation and acupuncture. He had a room specially set aside with beds to accommodate his patients who again listened to a Recharge CD while his needles were doing their particular work..
1 September 2011
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