The gentle shoosh of white clouds PLUS Triple-Ess harmonics is the smart way to focused attention. Listen to this CD through stereo earphones WHILE you study. After a while it brings your brain to the ideal Beat brain state and you will find that you can continue to concentrate on your studies as never before. There are three FOCUS tracks that have slightly different frequencies and white clouds sounds. Choose the one you like for the session. Each track is about 30 minutes, just ideal for a focused session.
  • Track 1.         General purpose FOCUS
  • Track 2.         Focus Zoom in.
  • Track 3.         Focus Wide Angle.
Some people have played this CD while they are practising their scales for a musical instrument. It keeps them focused.
CD 2. Balanced Brain Memory Mode.
The ideal brain state for committing material to memory is a light Alpha state. The Triple-Ess harmonics will bring you there and hold you there for the 30 minutes of the track. The frequencies are accompanied by background sounds of:
  • Track 1.         A Mill Stream
  • Track 2.         Baroque Concerti
  • Track 3.         Mozart Sonatas
  • Some people have used this CD to play in the background when they are involved in creative work such as: art painting, sculpting, web site design.
CD 3   Recharge with Serene Waters.
This CD combines the relevant Triple-Ess frequencies with natural sounds to bring you to deep state of relaxation and then wake you again at the end of 30 minutes. You then feel recharged and ready for whatever you want to do. Maybe even study!
Track 1.         The commentary plus the sound effects plus the harmonics gently take you on a journey up a mountain, into a stone hut where you hear the rain on the roof. You relax completely and are taken, for a short while, to the Delta brain state. You are then slowly guided down the mountain again and you wake up refreshed.
Track 2.         This is the same as Track 1 but without the commentary. This is the track you will most often use and no matter how pleasant is the voice on the commentary (and it surely is so) you eventually want to do your own storyline.
Track 3.         This is the Sleep Starter Track. It is the same as Track 2 but it does not wake you up at the end. It leaves you sleeping peacefully. This is ideal for those nights when you know you have to sleep as you have a busy day the next day (exam?) but you cannot fall asleep. Put on the Sleep Starter and it will help you fall asleep without medication.
CD 4              INSTRUCTIONS to listen to.
This is an English auditory introduction to the use of all the programs.
Included is a colour booklet on how to use the programs.
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