The Recharge Concept

The Recharge Concept
The Beta Brain Technology programs were especially designed by a retired industrial psychologist who remembered how he suffered when he did his basic bachelor’s degree through distance learning. He found, as we are sure others have also found, that after working all day and then having to study at night it is difficult to settle down. You mind says you should hit the books but your body says: Forget it.
The secret he found, and then incorporated in the sets of CDs, is first to have a 30 minute relaxation session, called a Recharge. and then study.
One of the problems of having a short catnap, especially if we have not trained ourselves to do it properly, is that it is so easy to slip into a deep sleep state and sleep on longer then we intended. We are scared of this happening so we don’t try this wonderful way of refreshing. If we set an alarm clock the shrill sound waking us up makes us feel worse than before.
The graph shows how our brain, very generally, changes over a night sleep cycle.
But with the Beta sound harmonics on the Recharge CDs you are gently taken down, through the Alpha and Theta bran states for a few minutes in Delta. The frequencies then slowly wake you up again before the end of the 30 minutes. You feel refreshed and ready to go. The graph shows, more or less, the way the major states progress. It is very similar to the sleep cycle but takes just 30 minutes.
The commentary of guided stories are intended to keep your conscious mind busy while the frequencies do their work. And there is one track with no commentary.
There are no subliminal words and the sounds used are from nature. Many of them include the sound of water in various forms: sea surf, bubbling brooks, waterfalls, etc.
This is one CD in the set that everyone in the family can use to refresh before they move to another activity be it a meeting, sport session, lecture or study. Some have arranged to  have a Recharge at lunchtime for a sparkling afternoon.
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