Why only on CDs?

Why we supply the Beta Technology audio tracks only on CD.
We have been asked why we do not supply the Beta sound technology, as used in the Betakit and its successors, on MP3 discs or stream it on the Internet. We have investigated these and other options and have decided that the CD is our, and your, best option.
Most PCs and laptops have a CD player facility so you can use this to listen to the Beta CDs if you are concentrating on a project and you are typing or reading on the PC.
But you will also need to listen to the Recharge/Relaxation CD while you are lying on you bed or lying with your head back on a recliner chair.
You will also need to be lying on your bed to use the Sleep Starter CD. It was for these reasons that the portable CD player is so useful.
Other Options.
These days (2012) there are a number of additional ways that sound can be listened to, (usually music) such as iPods and MP3 players
You can also download music from the Net and the quality is OK but not as good as you will get from an original CD.
CD is Versatile and Quality
So, considering all the above, we have retained the method of present our Betakit Technology on CD as the most versatile option.
You can play as a CD or
From the original CD you can rip the tracks you need to your IPod or MP3 player. If you do this carefully, with the best recording levels your system can produce, the quality should be OK. Remember the Betakit tracks consist of highly sensitive audio frequencies so one needs to be careful to get the best result.
Why are the tracks so long?
The Betakit tracks are not Internet friendly because, unlike music tracks, they are relatively large files. The length of a track on the Betakit CDs is about 30 minutes in stereo and uses up about 27 Mb with a total of about 70 Mb per CD.
The reason for this length of the track is that in bringing your brain to the ideal state for concentration, relaxation and sleep the frequencies have to “catch” your dominant brain frequency at the time you start listening and then gently bring it to the ideal state, and then hold it there. This takes time; it does not happen in a flash. Just think of how you fall asleep. Unless you are dead tired and you “crash” immediately you put your head down, you may take a while to fall asleep as your brain moves from Beta, through Alpha, through Theta to the Delta brain state. It then fluctuates there for about 90 minutes in each sleep cycle.
The Concentration/FOCUS track is about 30 minutes long. This is average for a young person these days to concentrate before having a break. Someone starting to concentrate is likely to be in a dreamy Alpha state so the frequencies start there and then gently bring the listener to the higher level Beta brain state for concentration. (This takes about five minutes.) But you will also be aware that students do not generally like “boring” things so the Beta frequencies are modified slightly during the period to provide some fluctuation and keep the concentration mode sustained. In developing the set we found that, to start with, the person needed to have the input of the frequencies for the full period. But as the person becomes accustomed to being “in the Beta brain state” they needed a shorter period before being able to study for longer periods without assistance.
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