A Secret Solution

The Secret Solution
We have noticed a phenomenon about the Beta Technology programs that once a person finds that the programs work for them:
  • that they can settle down to do their homework/assignments;
  • that they can remember their study work for exams and tests and
  • they improve their marks,
  • they do not tell anyone that they are using a Betakit.
They just glow a little and shrug as if they are just a little smarter.
We understand this. No-one wants to admit that they are using a new brain technique. Getting spectacles for weak eyesight, that’s OK. But using something to improve your brain function? No ways.
So we encourage users to keep this their secret solution. We do this because we know, from reports that as the person continues to use the programs so they become more proficient at reaching the ideal brain states - all by themselves. They do not need to listen to the CDs any longer. And that is what we and you are aiming for - improved mental skills that will last a lifetime.
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