Twilighter’s Feedback
We use the Recharge CDs to give us a quiet 30 minutes and to link with our Higher Selves. We have a selection of CDs so we choose which one we want for the day.
This whole discussion of Twilight, the end of the daylight, reminds me of an incident we had in, I think, 1997. We were marketing our new set of Beta Study tapes and had a stall at a health Expo at the Cape Town Waterfront.
Our stall was not part of the main collection of stalls in a large marquee but in a small gazebo. This eight-sided structure had been specially built in the barrow mall on the floor below the cinema complex. (If you have been to the Waterfront you will know this site.) The gazebo housed eight of us stall holders which included our friend and colleague Sheikh Ebrahim Pasha. Sheikh was an acupuncturist and herbalist, who used our Beta programs to help his patients relax before he consulted them at his clinic in Maitland. Our particular prize-position section of the gazebo faced the stairs and escalator up to the next level. Anyone coming down the stairs or escalator was sure to see us. On our left was a lady selling jewelry and on our right a man selling bottled water. (A novelty in those days!)
We took turns to eat our brought-with lunch and on a balcony overlooking the sea area we noticed a group of people milling around and talking excitedly. We told Sheikh about this and after he had looked he came back and said that it was a PAGAD group and they were arguing about something. He thought there might be trouble.
At that time, a vigilante organization called People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (PAGAD) was causing big problems for the gangsters and others in the Cape community. PAGAD claimed to fight drugs and gangsterism but its members, some in the Muslim Qibla organisation, had been implicated in several criminal and terrorist acts. For a full history (Go Here.) There had been at least two bomb blasts at the Waterfront in previous months.
So, as you can imagine, we were all a little jumpy as those around us had also gone to the balcony to nervously watch the growing crowd. But this crowd was some distance away so there was no need to really worry. At about 3 pm we suddenly heard four or five gun shots in the distance, and then screaming and people running around. Then they came running and shouting past us to the mall exit behind us. People running, yelling. More shots. Glass shatterng.
The lady on my left was on the floor behind the counter screaming: ‘Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. I want my son. My son!’
Sheikh Pasha and his helpers were also on the ground trying to hide under their boxes. I think Sheikh took his turban off and hid it away. Everyone was screaming, shouting, yelling and running for cover.
We two just sat there watching, touching hands and “held the energy”.
We looked up at the top of the stairs in front of us. A young man had pushed one of those big goods trolleys to the top. He gave it an extra push and down it came – straight towards us. Crashing down, bashing and smashing against the sides of the escalator.
I still don’t know why, but we just sat quietly and watched it.
It eventually landed on its side and stopped - just in front of our stall. Cedric leant over and patted it. As if to say: ‘There, there now. That’s enough excitement for the day. Just relax.’
Well, the rest was a bit of a mess. I eventually pacified, in my arms, the hysterical mother next to me. We comforted the others in the stall and used up most of our neighbor’s cold spring water! People still ran to get out of the mall, but more slowly now. The Waterfront entrances and exits were sealed off and the helicopters and the police arrived. No-one had been killed; the shots were fired into the air. But there was plenty of damage to stalls and glassware, done by people who thought they would get away with it. Which they did.
The Expo was aborted; we packed up and then waited HOURS for the exits to be cleared so we could drive out. Eventually we got home – exhausted.
I like to think that with the wave to come we will do something similar. We’ll sit in our usual recliner chairs overlooking the sunset and the Atlantic, touch hands and “hold the energy”.
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