Following the success of the Betakit for concentration and relaxation, a set of CDS was developed especially for the ADHD family. (Click Here) for background story.
    Talking and listening to mothers, especially, of young people with diagnosed ADHD we knew that there were two main problems: concentration on homework and troubled sleep patterns with the resulting poor performance the next day.
    This was addressed by having one CD called ABSORB, with three tracks to assist concentration. Each track has slightly different underlying frequencies and the listener can choose which they prefer. Sometimes the choice varies by the day.
    The sleep problem was attended to by having three CDs with relaxation sessions, (one track with commentary and sound effects, the second track with no commentary but with the same sound effects) and a third track, called Sleep Starter which has the same sound effects but does not wake you up as do the other two tracks but leaves you sleeping peacefully.
    This means that the user has a CHOICE, which we know is so important to the ADHDer.
    In addition we scripted two bed-time stories, one in English (Oogle-Google) and one in Afrikaans (Bessie, her dog and a talking car). These stories include sound effects and suitable MOH frequencies and are designed for the under sixes. Unless the young person deliberately sits up and listens through speakers and forces himself to stay awake there are very few cases of the young person hearing the end of the story. (It actually just fades away in a gentle mist.)
    Then there is a CD called Recall with three tracks to assist relaxation and memory work.
    There is a CD to assist in having a personal Brainstorming Session called Create. This is useful for Dad and Mum and students battling to get new ideas for essays etc.

So it is a set to be used at the right time for particular circumstances.

CD1. Rain. 30 minute Relaxation CD with three tracks explained above including the Sleep Starter track. Story and sound effects are of a walk and a canoe ride then up a hill and then sleeping in a hut and hearing the rain on the roof.
CD 2. Train. Starts with a train journey into the countryside and has the same structure as CD 1 but with different sound effects.
CD 3. Recall. Three tracks to increase memory work. One with sound effects of a bubbling brook, one with Mozart sonatas, and one with slow movements of baroque concerti.
CD 4. Create. Use for personal Brainstorming session.
CD 5. Absorb. This is the one used to assist the brain of the listener to the ideal Beta brain state for concentration and focused attention. Three tracks with slightly different frequencies.
CD 6. English notes on all the programs plus on the last track the English bed time story.
CD 7. Afrikaans notes on the programs and the Afrikaans bed time story.

Colour user booklet in English.

Remember: Settle first (reduce the stress, reduce the cortisol) then Grow (become more effective within yourself and for yourself).
We recommend combining the use of this program with certain nutrient supplements and some diet modifications. (Click here for notes on Nutrients.)
And read the results families have achieved with the combination. Click here.
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