BACKGROUND. Settle and Grow

In addition to the kits developed for study purposes, Creative Processes have developed a set of seven CDs, called Settle and Grow, especially for ADHD families.
    In 2000, the developer and his wife attended the ADHASA International Conference at St Georges Hotel, Irene, South Africa. It was a wonderfully interesting conference with Dr John Taylor and other international speakers. Also, as part of the exhibitor stalls, the Betakit Global Study System was on display. This kit for students was known to help those who found it difficult to settle down to study and in some families it had made a dramatic difference in the household. Previously it was always a battle to get the son to settle down to study. But once he found that by listening to the FOCUS track on the CD or tape, while he did his studies, he was able to concentrate for a half an hour or so and do his homework. And because he now understood the material he was able to greatly improve his marks in tests and exams.
    At this ADHASA conference, one of the therapists, on seeing the Betakit, remarked: “Oh, that’s the poor man’s neurofeedback kit.” Well, that certainly got the grey cells moving and together with the information and stimulation from the speakers it was decided to produce a kit especially for the ADHD family.
    This required investigation into the brain wave patterns of ADHDers and how these could be modified by using audio MOH frequency programs. These would also need to be supplemented with programs to help ADHDers fall asleep. As insights grew so it was realised that the family around the hyperactive child is usually under increased stress and so included in the kit are a few programs to help the mother and caregiver relax stress-free for thirty minutes. 
    The development of the Settle and Grow set took three years and was launched in July 2003.
    Note that there is no indication in the kit or in the full-colour brochure or instruction booklet that it is designed for ADHDer families as labelling does not always help the situation. There is a wide spectrum of brains that can be helped by these MOH frequency techniques, not only those of the ADDers.
    From comments above it could be construed that it is usually the male that is helped by such audio techniques but this is not true. The male is more often the one with the Hyperactivity Syndrome and as such is more likely to “demand” attention in the family. But young females, usually not hyperactive, also have difficulty concentrating. They are often described as ”dreamy and sweet” and this, perhaps, covers up their brain’s usual under-aroused state. This means that their pre-frontal brain is not in the ideal Beta state for concentration.
    This set of CDs has proved over the years to be very useful for the ADHD family: to help with homework, sleep and relaxation for the whole family. All the CDs in the set, each for a different purpose, will be used in the years to come as they are needed.

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