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We have had a number of calls from “mature” students who say that they used the Betakit in years gone by but now they are embarking on a new course of study and can’t find their CDs. They really, really need it and can we help. They eventually found us via Jump or by Googling “Betakit”.
Most of these stories have first appeared in the BrainsGrow Brief Newsletters.

“At last I found you. I have been using the Beta program from the days when it was still in the plastic box with the audiotapes [Now that tells you how long ago that was, 1997.].
I upgraded to the CDs and used it very successfully with my UNISA Studies and thank you. Without that help I would never have passed. The focus program worked like a miracle. At that time I was still working in the police force and after a day of stress I really did not have the energy to study. But once I started with the program and playing it through the headphones the sound carried me to another space where study and remembering is another world full of joy and dreams of success.

    The sleep starter saved me from becoming an addict to sleeping pills. Many a morning I woke up with the earphones still on my ears. I must say that using these programs really saved my life and the sanity of my family. For them to cope with a highly stressed father and husband was not a good life. Many a day we said a silent “THANK YOU” to the developers of these wonderful programs.

    Today for the first time I’m really speaking to you after all these years and I am so pleased I can tell you all about my experience.
     But the reason I started looking for you was that my old CDs, after all these years of usage are literally cracked up and now to my horror I find I have to do more studying and courses and I need my crutch more than ever.  On the Internet I Googled all kinds of words to eventually find you. [If he had Googled “Betakit” he would have gone straight there.] I read all the information on your website and will rather invest in the new set. Can’t wait and once more, Baie, baie dankie, Johann.”

Distant Learner
Fiona, a 3rd year Law student at UNISA tells me” “I am familiar with the Betakit and have used it for a long time but for the New Year study term I am investing in the new Sound Study System. I find this year really intense as I have to work and study.  But using the Recharge and then the Focus to study is a wonderful routine. And now that I am taking the Omega3 as well I can feel the difference in my general health.
Thank you for listening to me when I get so stressed and all your good sound advice.
Looking forward to the New Year work schedule, Fiona. [Ref 0310]

Carla. Masters student.
“I have just got my Masters degree in Industrial Psychology, thanks to the Betakit. The CDs are worked to bits and I am now buying the upgraded Sound Study System. I used the programs in Matric and when I got to University I needed them even more.

The stress of living in a hostel and studying is an experience not easily forgotten. The need for silence to study is a serious problem. I used the FOCUS CD with earphones and after a while I was able to create my own study rhythm and cut out the outside noises. The Sleep and Relax programs were incredible.

I can’t thank my mother enough for finding this program for me years ago and now to find you again for the updated programs. I’m now buying some programs as gifts for my family. Thank you for your help. Carla.”

Riaan. adult distant learner.
The program worked pretty well for me. I found the focus CD worked, much to my surprise. The sleep program was great when I started to use the CD Programs. Helped me to relax and build up a better sleep cycle. I was very happy with my year end results and am looking forward to a better year in 2008. Thanks for your technology and support.
Candy, adult distant learner
I’m a distance learner and find it difficult to study after work and still run a family. I used the Refresh a lot to get me going. The focus works well and my year end results (2007) were satisfactory. Now that I know this program works for me I can plan my New Year study program better. I’m also going to use the focus program for my 10 year old daughter who has a reading problem.
Thank for your support. We do enjoy your newsletters with study tips and encouragement.
Melissa, adult distant learner
Bought the Sound Study System program in September ‘08. Found it worked wonderfully for me. I’m a distance learning student and find study and working very stressful. I used the program as suggested and it worked for me. I use the Refresh program when I get home then the focus program and then the sleep program for sleep. I was able to be less stressful, able to complete my assignments and got very good year-end result. I now have a junior lecturer post at UWC and am preparing to do my masters.
Thanks you for the encouragement on the phone and a wonderful technology. I am encouraging all my students to invest in the Sound Study System to help then in their home study periods.
Leslie, distant learner.
He really finds it very difficult to do all the work required. But since using the programs it is as if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Not only have all his marks improved by more that 15% overall and he has passed all his subjects. He is using the relax and sleep CDs and his health, he says, has also improved. There is less stress, sleeping is more restful and he has more time for the family.
Andre student at UNISA.
He was surprised and delighted with his year-end result. Way over 70%. Congratulations Andre!

Bianca. Adult distance learner.
She was so excited when she called and after hearing her story I also had to suppress a tear of pleasure for her. She is an adult distance learner, and as those of you who are doing it know full well, working all day and then having to study at night is not easy. Bianca has worked hard all year and her best gift is to come home with distinctions in the two subjects.

She says: “Thanks for the wonderfully designed and thought-out programs to help with the learning and relaxing. Also the gift of the Gemshapes CDROM on study tips. This was so helpful especially learning to do Mind Maps. The audio and visuals made this study method so easy to understand. [Ed: She is likely to be a Visual so the Mind Maps technique suits her. This may not be the case for Auditories and Kinaesthetics.] Bianca is now ready for a break and getting ready for next year.

“Dear Maati, I would like to thank you for this wonderful Sound Study System. It REALLY works.

I wrote Matric in 2006 and only enrolled at UNISA in 2008 for five subjects and when I received my notes, with a drooping heart, I realised this was going to be a daunting task with a full daytime job to hold down as well.
My search on the internet landed me on your website. What a treasure chest that was, all the information and help I did enjoy it all. And I realised there is help and support for lone learners like me.

I decided to invest in the program and it was great to talk to you and you answered my questions with more references and support. Once I received my parcel with all the goodies and the surprise Gemshapes program as well, with my UNISA notes I  was away on a new adventure.
I find I could concentrate better I was able to use some of the study tips for memory training and using the sleep program occasionally after a very bad day. I could sleep more restful without drugs.

One of the major factors I like is that I can put the earphones on and cut out all the surrounding noise. I am able to go into my own world and work. At the end of year my results were very pleasing. I passed all my subjects with and average of over 85%. What a reward and it is due to the CD programs helping my brain to train itself, and using the diet guidelines.
I am ready for 2009 and will be in touch with more news soon. Jackie. “

Student in Namibia
He has been using the SSS.  Here is his email.

“Hallo Maati, This is Erastus Shipuleni from Namibia.

Here is my greatest LIFE ACHIEVEMENT; I obtain my Bachelor Technology in Public Management specializing in Development, with four distinctions [Research Project 78%, Project Planning & Management 78%, Management of Public Enterprises 75% and Economics of Namibia and SACU Countries 4A 76%, (B-Tech subject). As well as nine Distinctions in Non-Diploma subjects.

Once more again, you are appreciated by realizing that there a people (me of course) who are WILLING, WANT, CAN & HAVE reach their goal by studying with the correct motivation.
Yours sincerely , (Proud) Erastus          
[Well done, Erastus, You have deserved it.]
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