BETA Technology

The use of Beta Sound Technology to support effective study habits.

At this exam time it is good to use the Beta Sound
Technology to help with concentration and relaxation.

All the audio programs in this section are on CD and contain custom made programs incorporating special audio frequencies which help to bring you brain to the ideal state for:

  • Concentration
  • Relaxation and 
  • Sleep.

The audio frequencies used are called by various names:

Binaural Beats, Modulated Offset Harmonics (MOH), AHATA Sound Harmonics,  Triple-Ess Harmonics and Beta Brain Technology. 

The basic idea of Beta Brain Technology is that slightly different tones are played separately to each ear through stereo equipment. The brain then combines these tones to produce two more, one softer than the other. It is these softer tones that mimic some of the brain frequencies and when played for a while gently assist the brain to the state being targeted. It’s called the Frequency Following Response, like one tuning fork vibrating in sympathy with another one. For a more detailed discussion of this phenomenon (Go Here.).

Warning: It is recommended that those who are currently undergoing treatment for epilepsy should not use these programs even though no ill effects have been experienced.

Creative Processes and their marketers, Maati’s Market, have specialized in producing quality audio programs specifically for the person needing to concentrate on study material, especially when they “do not feel like it”.

The various packs have been compiled to include different programs for different uses. We have retained the CD as the primary means for you to access the programs. (Go Here.) for more info on this.

We are the developers of these Beta Technology products.
With our mail-order service:
  • you get a weekly courier delivery
  • back-up if there is a faulty CD
  • replacement CD of you scratch or loose one
  • advice, encouragement and ideas on how to use the CDs.

We look forward to your story of how you have succeeded.
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